Woggoon is a 40 acre property situated 30 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD. ‘Woggoon’ is the aboriginal name for scrub turkey and with bushland on one side and a horse property to the other our place becomes a turkey highway in the mornings and afternoons

Gardening has always been a passion of mine. At the age of 10 I asked my father to build me my first vegetable garden. My fascination of seeing a seed germinate and mature never loses its magic.

Farming is now my midlife rebirth not crisis. When my youngest child started school the idea of returning to a full time office job was unappealing. So I turned my lifelong hobby of gardening into farming and haven’t looked back. I’ve never worked harder or been more proud to have dirt under my nails. I’m passionate about continuing the legacy of heirloom seeds, nurturing the earth my family and customers.

Enjoy my all naturally grown produce and come visit my stall at the farmers markets and taste real food.

Happy Gardening

Debbie Needham-McGarry